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How to Pick the Perfect Eyebrow Gel

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How to Pick the Perfect Eyebrow Gel

Give your brows the VIP treatment with curated eyebrow products

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Brows are more than just a facial feature – they’re a focal point. Many of us obsess over our brows, so the products we invest in need to perform. But with dozens of pencils, pomades, and promises, even we get flustered trying to craft a flawless brow routine.

A brow routine is essentially a reliable recipe for getting stunning, impeccable brows – and we’ve found that an eyebrow gel is the foundation of any foolproof routine. We’re sharing the highest quality natural eyebrow products in our makeup drawer, and telling you which ones to use based on your ultimate brow goals.

What Makes Eyebrow Gel So Special?

For those unfamiliar with eyebrow gels, you might be imagining the thick goop overused on early 2000’s middle school hairstyles. In reality, there’s a reason why eyebrow gel is the single most effective (and lucrative) eyebrow product in today’s beauty market.

First off, the term ‘eyebrow gel’ can be used pretty loosely – and that’s ok, because we love us some variety! Brow gels can add bold definition, build volume and long-lasting hold, and don’t require much work to master. Just brush it onto your brows, and watch the magic happen.

Similar to other brow products like pencils and powders, brow gel comes in a range of shades and undertones, including clear for a soft and natural look.They can offer various degrees of hold and flexibility, depending on what other eyebrow products you pair them with, if any.

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So what makes eyebrow gel our top pick over potted pomades and standard pencils? Other brow routines require layering of multiple products, or require multiple tools that can be tricky to tackle. For beginners to brow maintenance, it’s all too easy to achieve uneven, dark and dramatic brows with these types of products.

That’s why we love eyebrow gel: it’s user friendly, and can be used solo or as a component of a wider routine.

Why Eyebrow Gels Are Ruling the Brow Kingdom There are three main reasons why these products have grown in popularity:

  • The time saving aspect: a few swipes, and eyebrows are literally transformed.

  • They’re nearly failure-proof, and extremely easy to use. No additional tools required!

  • They’re versatile: depending on the formula you can tackle volume, color, density, and shape.

TL;DR: this versatile, user-friendly product is a beauty game changer, and we’ve got all the best suggestions to achieve any look with the eyebrow gel of your choice.

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Brow Goal: Volume + Density
Eyebrow Gel: 100% PURE™ Green Tea Fiber Brow Builder

When we want our brows extra full, eyebrow gel is the only product that can do the job. Whether we’re working with naturally thick eyebrows or we’re wanting to build up sparse brows, we need a quality formula that doesn’t clump, flake, smear, or slide.

You should also invest in a clean beauty option that’s free of irritants like copolymers and PVPs. So what’s the best choice? In this case, we’re going BIG with our Green Tea Fiber Brow Bulder.

This eyebrow gel is cruelty-free and vegan, cocoa and tea pigmented, and free of silicones. This buildable formula utilizes the conditioning power vitamin E, provitamin B5, and seaweed to nourish strands for stronger, fuller growth.

Antioxidant-rich green tea covers all our bases by providing natural pigment and texturizing plant fibers to create fuller, fluffier brows. Caffeine in green tea may also stimulate healthy growth; a win for those with sparse or thinning brows.

Brow Goal: Minimal Maintenance
Eyebrow Gel: Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel

Lucky enough to have *almost* perfect brows that only require a tiny boost to look flawless? Yes, we’re jealous, but we also know which eyebrow gel you should be reaching for. It’s the Beautycounter Brilliant Brow Gel, and it’s called that for a very good reason.

With only a few swipes in one of five excellent shades – including clear for going au naturel – this brow gel gives already-excellent brows some extra credit. It adds just the right tint to cover any sparse areas, offers hold without heavy control, and contributes a bit of definition right where we want it.

To stay true to this minimalist look, we sweep in the direction our brow strands grow – rather than trying to over-direct to create faux fullness. A single layer should be just the ticket for all-day wear and subtle definition. You can also press lightly over the top with a clean beauty sponge to remove excess product and create that ‘your-brows-but-better’ result.

Brow Goal: Control
Eyebrow Gel: W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Brow Gel

This clean beauty option is every full-browed girl’s dream, with truly wholesome ingredients that promise even better brow days to come. A few honorable mentions are cocoa and shea butters, radish root extract, and grapeseed oil.

Most eyebrow gel is light and almost watery in texture – excellent for achieving definition and smoothing brows into shape. The Expressionist Brow Gel by W3LL PEOPLE is creamy but secure, with carnauba wax to tame unruly strands for precise, defined control.

A tiny, pyramid spoolie brush empowers us to achieve the defined lines at the inner corners of our brows, while also preventing excess product transfer. Options include 3 varying shades of blonde to dark brown for adding depth and dimension to most hair colors. For medium to very full brows, here’s an eyebrow gel that can hold its own through busy days and nights.

Brow Goal: Soft + Shiny
Eyebrow Gel: Saie Brow Butter

Clean and clear, this lightweight eyebrow gel is perfect for achieving the most radiant, youthful makeup looks. A soft, shiny brow look screams healthy and glowy – and a light brow gel will ensure your look appears effortless. Avoid excess shaping and plucking, opting instead for stray hair cleanup with a light-handed approach.

To keep brows in place without looking heavy or overdone, we picked a gel that specializes in sculpting, not in creating volume or depth. In this case, we achieve our softest, shiniest brows with the Saie Brow Butter. Fitted with the most delicate wand ever, this eyebrow gel is a rare gem.

It’s easy to guess why they call this formula a ‘butter’: cacao butter is the primary ingredient. Conditioning, softening, and supportive for healthy growth, cacao and jojoba feed individual strands for longer, fuller brows over time. Available in clear or semi-translucent brown, you can enrich brows while delivering on that soft and subtle brow look of your dreams.

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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