How to Hydrate Skin for a Brighter Glow

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How to Hydrate Skin for a Brighter Glow

Mastering internal and skin hydration for optimum health

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As we become more focused as a society on the importance of mental health, hydration tends to be a topic that’s brought up a lot. You may hear “don’t forget to hydrate!” Or “drink some water!”

If anyone has reminded you to hydrate, it definitely means that there are people out there who care about your wellbeing, and they want to see you happy and thriving!

But why is hydration so important? What does it do for our bodies? Or our skin?

In honor of National Hydration Day, we thought it would help to talk about why staying quenched is so important, and how to hydrate skin from the inside out.

What Is Internal Hydration?

Staying hydrated both inside and out is key for maintaining overall health – but getting that internal hydration is especially crucial. We’re talking about drinking plenty of water, or eating plenty of water-rich foods.

When you’re getting those daily eight glasses, you’re not just keeping your skin beautiful, you’re supporting your entire body.

Water is crucial to a number of functions in the human body. This includes transporting essential nutrients to the cells, regulating internal temperature, lubricating your joints and digestive system, and keeping the organs in shape.

Hydration also has a massive impact on our emotional and cognitive functions. Have you ever forgotten to drink lots of water before? If so, did it make you feel cranky, give you a headache, or like you had trouble focusing?

For these reasons, it’s absolutely imperative that we all try our best to get the right amount of water for our bodies’ needs. And while the “8 glasses a day” slogan has been commonly touted, it’s not a bad idea to get more. In fact, many experts say that the ideal intake for adults is closer to eleven cups.

That being said, none of us are perfect every day. There can be times when we’re overwhelmed with a busy schedule, or even days when we simply forget. When these days happen, forgive yourself and do better the next day! Remember: this is about taking care of yourself.

Also, there are ways to make it easier to remember your daily hydration. Some people set alarms on their phones, and even use apps to track their water intake. But above all, perhaps the best method is to simply always keep water nearby. Whether you’re at your desk, on the couch, in bed or on your feet, always keep your water close by. Store it in anything from a water bottle, mason jar, or carafe to make it easily accessible.

It’s also important to drink more water than sugary or caffeinated beverages. Drinks like coffee are diuretics, which when misused, can force you to give up hydration that your body actually needs. So whenever you can, choose that H2O over coffee, soda, or alcohol.

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What Is Topical Hydration?

No matter your skin type, everyone needs topical hydration (on the skin) in order to keep it healthy and properly functioning.

Skin hydration is essential for a number of reasons. For instance, keeping the skin hydrated can prevent a lot of issues from occurring. When our skin gets parched, an imbalance can trigger several factors including redness, itchiness, and overproduction of oil and sebum. While skin hydration is not always the root of these issues, they’re certainly more likely to occur when your skin is out of balance.

Skin hydration can also keep it looking smooth and youthful. When the skin is constantly dry, there’s a higher chance of fine lines and wrinkles looking more pronounced. This is because as we age, our oil glands become less productive, giving us less and less moisture as we age.

One of the best ways to ensure long-lasting skin hydration is with a moisturizer. There are options for everyone: lightweight or ultra-rich, fragrance-free or with essential oils, creamy or oil-free. Our collection of moisturizers is made with clean, beneficial, and cruelty-free ingredients.

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7 Skin Care Products for Skin Hydration

Outside of moisturizing, there are other products in your routine that can help you maintain topical hydration levels. Let’s help you find one tailored to your skin’s unique hydration needs!

#1: Rose Hyaluronic Acid Serum
When you need an extra boost of skin hydration, our lightweight serum packs a serious punch of both moisture and antioxidants. Hyaluronic acid works to deliver hydration deep into the skin, while soothing botanicals like chamomile and rose work with beta-glucan to calm redness.

#2: Hydra Drench Cream
Do you tend to wake up with thirsty, dry skin? Don’t be fooled by the feather-light consistency of our Hydra Drench Cream. With the help of chia seed gel, omega fatty acids and nopal cactus, Hydra Drench helps calm, protect, and flood the skin with hydration.

#3: Green Tea Water Bomb Mask
If you’re looking for fast skin hydration, try the Green Tea Water Bomb Mask. This mask soothes the skin with anti-inflammatory green tea, and is made with a unique hydrogel material consisting of aloe juice and plant cellulose.

#4: Rose Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist
Need a midday refresher? This face mist is just a spritz away! Made with rose hydrosol and hyaluronic acid, this aromatic face mist provides the skin with instant hydration.

#5: Rose Micellar Cleansing Water
So many makeup removers strip the skin of its natural oils, but our Rose Micellar Cleansing Water works both gently and effectively. With micellar water and soothing botanicals, this cleansing water helps remove makeup, sunscreen, and dirt without sulfates or detergents.

#6: Cucumber Cloud Foam Cleanser
We all love a good foam cleanser, but we don’t love sodium laureth sulfate. While it can create a super foamy texture, it can also lead to stripping and irritation in the skin. Our Cucumber Cloud Foam Cleanser uses vegan, sugar-based ingredients to make this hydrating cleanser both foamy and refreshing.

#7: Rose Water Hydrating Milk
Are gels and creams just not hydrating enough? Try a milk instead! Our Rose Water Hydrating Milk is an ultra light lotion that uses rose hydrosol and beta glucan to promote hydrated, petal-soft skin.

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