Does Vitamin C Exfoliate?

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Does Vitamin C Exfoliate?

Separating fact from fiction with our favorite skin care ingredient

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If there’s one ingredient worthy of wearing a cape for solving just about every skin care concern, it’s vitamin C! This mighty citrus has earned a superstar reputation at combating everything from dark spots to UV damage.

But it can’t do its job as well if there’s a layer of dead skin cells sitting on top of your skin. The question many of us have wondered is, does vitamin C exfoliate?

Just as vitamin C is essential for healthy skin, so is regular skin exfoliation. Let’s explore the topical effects of vitamin C and what you can do to get the full benefits of this wonder ingredient for smooth, glowing skin. We’ll answer “does vitamin C exfoliate?” once and for all!

Topical Effects of Vitamin C On Skin: Does Vitamin C Exfoliate?

Before we answer “does vitamin C exfoliate?”, let’s take a look at what vitamin C does for us. Just as consuming vitamin C can help ward off things like the common cold, applying it topically has a wealth of benefits for the skin. The potent antioxidant has the superpowers to penetrate the skin barrier. That makes it an all-star for aging concerns, combating stubborn hyperpigmentation, and uneven skin tone.

Vitamin C has a unique status as an anti-aging superstar. It’s the only collagen stimulator. So, in this way, it helps fight wrinkles and keep your skin plump. As an essential ingredient in any anti-aging regimen, vitamin C-lebrity boasts standout antioxidant properties that fight against free radical damage. This helps to keep your skin spot-free.

That being said, if you have some dark spots still hanging on from summer, lingering blemishes, or age spots, pamper your sun-damaged or stubborn skin with our Vitamin C Mask. Formulated with camu camu extract, rosehip seed oil, and turmeric, this mask delivers a potent dose of vitamin C straight to your skin. It offers unparalleled collagen-supporting properties. Plus, it can fight oxidative damage and skin discolorations.

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Besides being a cold-buster in winter, Vitamin C is actually a potent topical vitamin for brightening your skin. Its high antioxidant potential means healthier skin cell function and collagen production. This can help thicken the dermis and diminish fine lines. It’s essential for firm, youthful skin.

On top of that, vitamin C also inhibits melanin production in the skin. In that way, it helps to lighten hyperpigmentation and brown spots, even out skin tone, and enhance skin radiance. In addition to enlivening skin with its antioxidant properties, Vitamin C also supports a brighter complexion.

With these impressive anti-aging benefits, you can see why we’re more than a little citrus-obsessed and incorporate naturally derived Vitamin C into many of our formulas. Our natural Vitamin C Serum features alpha lipoic acid (ALA) for fighting free radical damage and eliminating dark spots. It supports brightening and improved skin texture and appearance.

So, vitamin C does a lot of fantastic things for the skin. But does vitamin C exfoliate?

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Does Vitamin C Exfoliate Skin?

Just as vitamin C is essential for brighter, healthier skin, so is regular skin exfoliation. Exfoliating the dead skin cells allows for better penetration of this potent antioxidant and other active ingredients to get to the cells that can use it. So, does vitamin C exfoliate skin?

Unlike exfoliants that can chemically (AHAs) or physically (face scrubs) remove dead skin cells, the answer to “does vitamin C exfoliate skin?” is no. But it does promote healthy cellular turnover and the production of new skin cells, which is beneficial for proper exfoliation. And that’s a major factor in how our skin looks and feels.

Using a potent vitamin C product after exfoliation will boost its brightening and firming benefits and better lock in essential hydration. Of course, if you’re dealing with stubborn pigmentation or need a hydration boost, especially in the dryer winter temps, our Vitamin C Boost is a fantastic option for extra hydration. It’s made with just two ingredients: vitamin C and hyaluronic acid!

So, next time someone asks you, “does vitamin C exfoliate skin?” you’ll know the answer! Vitamin C has been a citrus celeb in beauty arsenals for years. It continues to be a go-to ingredient when it comes to its brightening and anti-aging benefits.

Whether you’re using it in the form of serums, scrubs, or moisturizers, Vitamin C will definitely take your skin care routine to the next level! Just make sure you’re using it in conjunction with proper exfoliation so you’re not missing out on many of the intended benefits.

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