Our All NEW Cacao Skin Care Collection

Cacao Skin Care Collection

Our All NEW Cacao Skin Care Collection

Decadent skin care treatments made with the finest quality Ecuadorian cacao

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We’ve got a taste for something sweet. Might it be our newest collection? Introducing our brand new skin care line, developed with the botanical benefits of cacao: the Cacao skin care Collection.

Using an ancient, rare cacao plant, these richly beneficial skin treatments celebrate the cultural history of the entire plant, from cacao nibs to oil and butter for beautified skin.

Cacao (pronounced kuh-cow) grows on short trees in rippled yellow-orange pods that are nearly as large as papayas. Native to Central and South America, science has confirmed the tropical gardens of Ecuador some 5,000 years ago to be the birthplace of this superfood.

To’ak Image.jpgImage courtesy of To-ak Chocolate

Our cacao supplier, To’ak provides a cacao variety called Nacionale or Heirloom; a strain dating back to some of the first known cacao plants ever identified. To’ak works with local farmers and conservationists to properly develop and cultivate this rare and vital cacao resource.

Historically, ancient Mayans were known to consume cacao nibs blended into unsweetened beverages, unlike the way we consume it today. And though cocoa and cacao are both from the bean of the fruit, they’re not quite the same product.

So, cacao and cocoa – what’s the difference?

In short, cocoa is a more processed version of the same part of the cacao plant; the beans or seeds. It takes a single tree a full year to produce just 2 pounds of chocolate, but there’s no shortage to the benefits of cacao or cocoa.

While cocoa is fermented then roasted to develop the edible chocolate we rely on for sweets and goodies, cacao skips that final roasting step for a more pure, nutrient-dense product.

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Cacao Benefits for Skin

Cacao is loaded with antioxidants, anti-inflammatories, and anti-aging compounds that your skin will love. Check out these beauty benefits of cacao:

  • Cacao contains vitamin C, which supports gracefully aged skin, a rejuvenated glow, smoother skin and a more even complexion.

  • Cacao also contains magnesium, a mineral that helps to soothe inflammation, resulting in less redness and fewer blemishes.

  • Flavonoids, the antioxidant component of cacao, balance free radicals to fight signs of aging and skin damage. Flavonoids can promote smoother, plumper skin that’s less prone to the appearance of lines, while natural oils in cacao condition dry skin.

  • Cacao is also high in natural caffeine, meaning it enhances circulation for a de-puffing effect and more vibrant complexion.

  • Some of the skin repair naturally provided by cacao comes from polyphenols. They allow skin to heal damage from sun and environmental exposure, for improved texture and sustained elasticity.

  • Cacao is also built with fatty acids, which can improve hydration and balance skin’s oil production.

Since cacao is so versatile, we’re able to enjoy both edible and topical uses to reap these wonderful benefits. From this single plant we get cacao nibs, cocoa butter, cacao oil, chocolate, and even pigments for natural makeup.

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Our Cacao Collection

After all that delicious buildup, we’re excited to finally introduce our newest collection! These natural skin care treatments are made with cacao nibs, cocoa butter, and lots of hydrating, repairative elements for the face and body. Decadent for the skin, these unguilty pleasures weave the nutrient-rich benefits of the cacao plant into a nourishing routine for face and body. Ready to indulge?

Cocoa Cream Cleanser.jpg

Imagine rejuvenating and hydrating the skin with a rich, chocolatey lather. Using fair-trade Ecuadorian cacao, this creamy cleanser is designed to provide all the benefits of cacao, with none of the cravings (okay, maybe a little). Glycerin is added for lasting hydration, and coconut extracts provide a gentle cleansing component.

Key Ingredients
Organic Cacao [Powder] (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense)
Coco Betaine (biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut oil)
Decyl Glucoside (biodegradable surfactant derived from corn glucose and coconut fatty acids)
Glycerin (provides humectant properties to attract moisture and maintain hydration)
Natural Chocolate Flavor (food grade)

Skin Type
All skin types; especially dry or dehydrated. Targets skin concerns like dryness, redness, and environmental damage.

Look & Feel

  • Natural chocolate scent

  • Creamy chocolate ganache texture

  • Creates very light, ‘milk chocolatey’ foam when mixed with water and massaged into skin

Cocoa Bean Facial Scrub.jpg

Cocoa Bean Facial Scrub

Say hello to this decadently scented, scrubby skin polish. Ground cacao nibs and natural caffeine from cacao give the skin a healthy glow while buffing away dead, dull surface skin. Restorative vitamin E helps to replenish lost moisture and smooth our roughest, driest patches. Formulated with simple, natural ingredients, this is one scrub that’s perfect for any skin type.

Key Ingredients
Organic Cacao [Nibs] (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense, exfoliant)
Natural Chocolate Flavor (food grade)
Vitamin E (hydrates, nourishes, antioxidant)

Skin Type
All skin types. Targets skin concerns like rough patches, dryness, and environmental damage.

Look & Feel

  • Natural chocolate scent

  • Creamy paste/scrub consistency

  • Biodegradable exfoliants are cacao nibs and husks, for nutrient-rich exfoliation

Cocoa Butter Moisture Mask.jpg

Cocoa Butter Moisture Mask

Consider your sweet cravings satisfied with this hydrating, rejuvenating cocoa mask. Perfect for skin types that are normal or dry, this decadent mask treatment quenches dry skin, targets redness, and helps neutralize environmental damage.

Vitamin E restores and hydrates the skin, while glycerin locks in moisture to deliver instantly soft, baby smooth skin after rinsing. Anti-inflammatory cacao makes quick work of redness, while natural caffeine perks up the complexion. The combo of caffeine, antioxidants, fatty acids, and minerals in this mask will give your skin a mini makeover and noticeable glow.

Key Ingredients Vegetable Glycerin (humectant, supports smooth texture)
Cacao / Cocoa Powder (potent antioxidants, anti-inflammatory)
Tocopherol (nourishing, antioxidant-rich)

Skin Type
Normal to dry skin types. Targets skin concerns like dry, malnourished, or sun damaged skin.

Look & Feel

  • Natural chocolate scent

  • Creamy, semi-solid whipped consistency

  • Warms on contact with skin to provide a rich and creamy, chocolatey mask

Cocoa Coffee Body Scrub.jpg

Cocoa Coffee Body Scrub

We don’t like to play favorites, but we honestly can’t think of a more delightful combination than cacao and coffee. Together this dream team meets sea salt for a totally stimulating, heavenly scrub that detoxifies and promotes glowing, energized skin.

Our cocoa-concentrated body scrub polishes and buffs away rough patches for softer skin, while supporting moisture levels with glycerin. This cocoa-coffee body scrub stimulates circulation in the skin and locks in lasting moisture just about everywhere. With a high percentage of Ecuadorian To’ak cacao, this ultra-decadent and boldly scented scrub promises to deliver baby-smooth skin.

Key Ingredients
Sea Salt (detoxifies, exfoliates) Glycerin (locks in moisture, softens skin) Coffee Beans (stimulates circulation, reduces redness) Organic Cacao (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, nutrient-dense) Natural Chocolate Flavor (food grade)

Skin Type
All skin types. Targets skin concerns like rough patches, dryness, and daily environmental damage.

Look & Feel

  • Bold coffee scent with notes of dark chocolate

  • Coarse dual texture (large sea salt crystals + fine ground coffee) for deep exfoliation

All the Cacao

Though we mentioned before that cacao is a less processed, more wholesome version of cocoa, that doesn’t mean that these two don’t share many uses and applications.

Both cocoa and cocoa are used in beauty products and skin care products; not only as natural color components, but for their rich minerals and antioxidant properties. Let’s recap the many benefits of cacao, and different applications for this versatile seed.

  • Cacao nibs, used most frequently in desserts, but also savory applications and skin care products.

  • Cacao powder (a less-processed form of cocoa powder) is used most often in decadent desserts, smoothies, and raw chocolate confections. It’s cousin cocoa powder is also used in food, and can also pigment makeup like our Cocoa Pigmented Bronzers.

  • Cacao butter (equivalent to cocoa butter) can be used in skin care as well as desserts, specifically for chocolate confections.

  • Cacao butter makes an excellent deep conditioner for hair, by contributing vital protein that can halt breakage and aid in regrowth of damaged hair.

  • Cacao butter also performs well on scalps with chronic dryness, and as an anti-inflammatory moisturizer for dandruff or itchy skin.

  • Cacao butter is an ideal topical solution for helping to heal dry patches, mild inflammation, and scarring.

  • Naturally energizing, cacao makes a perfect pair for coffee drinks. When added to cafe offerings or prepared options, it enhances the rich coffee flavor while still delivering that boost of nutrients and minerals.

  • Cacao (cocoa) oil is super hydrating without being greasy, making it a perfect addition to skin conditioners, lotions, and body oils.

  • Many of us know that chocolate uplifts our mood, but cacao oil is actually an aromatherapy option. Sweet alone, or amazing blended with other complimentary oils, this oil even has a positive effect on the mind.

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