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5 New Ways to Use Bronzing Powder

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5 New Ways to Use Bronzing Powder

Bask in the beauty of bronzing powder (even outside of summer)

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Maybe it’s the fact that we’re in the final stretch of winter, or maybe it’s the return of the contour trend, but we’re ready to bust out our bronzing powders. For us, bronzers are the ultimate summer staple in makeup. They’re all you need to achieve that flawless faux tan.

But if you’re only breaking out the bronzing powder when the temperature rises, you’re under-using it! As it turns out, bronzing powders are exceptionally multi-use friendly. You can truly use them any time of year. But first, let’s talk about why we love bronzing powders to begin with.

Why We Love Bronzer

Among the likes of blush and highlighter, bronzer is truly one of our favorite makeup staples. After all, bronzer is incredibly versatile! Traditionally used to give skin the ultimate sun-kissed look, bronzer can also be used to carve out our features a bit more.

Bronzers are also typically matte, which allows for a finish that’s subtle and laid-back, perfect for a “no-makeup” makeup look. And for a little something extra, your bronzer will look stunning with a touch of highlighter.

On top of that, the best bronzers feature a formula that’s both buildable and forgiving, like our Cocoa Pigmented Bronzer. So, even if you were never much one for contouring, bronzers are pretty beginner-friendly for those who want to give their cheekbones and jawline some definition.

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5 New Ways to Use Bronzing Powder

The bottom line: bronzer is for everyone, and it’s quite simple to use. You might have already known that, but what you might not have known is that bronzer has some hidden uses! Let’s talk about some of the biggest game-changers that bronzing powder can bring to the table.

#1: Eyeshadow
For many of us, a coppery, earthy eyeshadow shade is essential for pulling together an everyday look. For those days when you run out of your beloved eyeshadow, your bronzer is sure to do the trick instead.

#2: Face Contour
As mentioned earlier, bronzers are great for a simple contour, especially when you’re a contouring beginner. To sculpt your face with bronzer, you can apply it along your jawline, cheekbones, and along the sides of the bridge of your nose. When contouring with bronzer, make sure to use a contour brush and blend out thoroughly as you go.

#3: Chest Contour
You probably already knew you can contour your face with bronzer, but did you know that you can contour your body, as well? In fact, contouring your décolletage can beautifully complement the bronzer on your face, giving you an ethereal, summer goddess glow. One of the easiest, most effective ways to contour the chest is to pay extra attention to your collarbones.

#4: Use Blush as Bronzer
Maybe it’s the change in weather, or perhaps a special occasion, or maybe you’re just in the mood for something different. Whatever the reason, we all want a little change sometimes. A simple way to switch things up in your beauty routine is by replacing your rosy blush with a buffed-out bronzer.

Using a bronzer as a blush won’t create that same flushed, pinky-toned effect on the skin. However, it will add a touch of softer, more effortless definition and color. That makes it perfect for both casual weekends and romantic evenings.

When using bronzer as a blush, the most important thing to remember is to apply lightly and blend generously. Too much bronzer on the face will leave you looking dirty!

#5: Lip Contour
Believe it or not, you can even use bronzing powder for your lips! There’s no doubt that nude and brown lipsticks have become a massive trend, especially with a glossy finish.

You can recreate this yourself with some bronzing powder and a semi-sheer lipstick or gloss, like our Fruit Pigmented® Lip Gloss or Fruit Pigmented® Lip Glaze. Simply apply some bronzing powder to the lips and go over them with the gloss. Voila! You’ll have an instant bronze lip.

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