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3 Tips for Full, Long Lashes

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3 Tips for Full, Long Lashes

Try these tips for naturally fuller, longer lashes!


We’re in the mood to celebrate our biggest beauty crush for National Lash Day: our lashes!

A great pair of eyelashes have the power to make our eyes brighter, bigger, and more awake. Some are naturally blessed, while the rest of us have a little help from enhancements like mascara and extensions.

In our quest to highlight natural beauty, we’re always looking for safe and natural hacks to help our real lash strands grow thicker and longer. Stay tuned for our tried and true tips for helping support lash growth!

3 Tips for Long Lashes

Many of the hacks we’ve tried (and had success with) involve a few simple tweaks to our routine. The good news is that you’ll likely have some of these products at home! Since an eyelash life cycle is on average about two months, it takes very little time to start seeing results. Check out our top tips below!

Lashes Close Up

#1: Moisturize
For those of us that have short lashes – or lashes that have become shorter with time – it can be due to a variety of factors. Some include eye drops, environment, and exposure to drying products like conventional mascara. These can cause our lash hairs to dry up and fall out, eventually leading to impeded growth. Take a minute or so every night to moisturize your lashes by simply rubbing in a small amount of oil.

Apply a drop of coconut oil, olive oil, or vitamin E to your index finger. Gently massage along your lash line, finishing up by pinching lashes from roots to tip with oily fingers. To ensure nothing infiltrates your delicate eyes, wipe any excess oil into your brows and then pat lashes with a lint-free cloth.

Since eye skin is very thin, be careful not to use an excess amount of oil. This can leave your skin unbalanced and even cause some clogging or irritation.

Another benefit of using oil on your lashes is ridding your roots of lingering makeup – like leftover mascara or lash glue. Residue left on lashes overnight can cause drying out and fall-out, so this 2-for-1 hack helps ensure our lashes are set up for success.

#2: Supplement
Do you have a regular vitamin routine, or do you simply take supplements as needed, depending on your day-to-day needs? No matter which category you fall into, you may still be experiencing a lack of biotin in your diet or supplement intake.

Biotin is a B vitamin linked to hair growth, nail growth, and improved skin health. When we think about biotin, we think of it as a beauty vitamin because it supports positive developments of all our beautiful parts we want to highlight and enhance.

Check your labels to see how much biotin – if any – your regular supplements include. Many women’s daily vitamins include a small amount of biotin in the formula. Talk to your primary care provider to discuss which biotin supplements work for your needs!

#3: Employ Pigment
Our last lash hack is to look for products curated to long lash growth. You can avoid irritating lash serums and instead, opt for mascaras infused with natural ingredients and pigments to help promote the appearance of full, long lashes.

Fruit Pigmented® Ultra Lengthening Mascara
This fruity wonder is one of our best-sellers and for good reason – it works! Our lengthening mascara formula has a super high concentration of vitamin E to condition, prevent brittleness, and promote growth. Beeswax creates a smooth clump-free texture, and helps to seal moisture into lashes.

In terms of lash growth, the addition of Provitamin B5 sets this formula apart from your basic mascara. This vitamin supports enhanced growth and lash health, so with consistent use you should see added fullness and lash length.

This mascara wand features a unique hourglass shape which focuses on driving wispiness and length of the inner and outer corners for a sultry winged-out look to your lashes. The narrower “waist” of the wand prevents clumps and helps distribute product evenly for long, fluttery lashes every time.

For the most extreme length possible, apply 1-2 coats by wiggling through the bottom side of your lashes. Next, come from above and lower the wand onto the top of your lash line, then roll the mascara wand through your lashes from root to tip. This will coat both sides of your eyelashes for darkness and drama, while combing out strands for extra length and definition.

Mascara Apply Close Up

Maracuja Mascara
If you dream of full, feathery lashes, this one’s for you! The lash softening formula effortlessly blends mineral rich seaweed with nourishing maracuja oil for a healthy dose of lash conditioning. Vitamins E and B5 combined with caffeine from coffee and green tea promote lash growth for added volume.

This wand has a more traditional torpedo shape. This shape allows for the most definition at the inner corners, where lashes tend to be shortest. The widest part of the wand fluffs the rest of the lashes for a full, feathery fan.

To build fuller lashes, start off by using a fluffy blending brush to apply a light coating of translucent powder to your lashes. Next, apply a single coat onto each eye and allow it to set for at least a minute, then go over top with another coat focusing most on the roots. Use the thinner end of the wand to comb through any exceedingly thick areas.

If You Want Longer Lashes, Ditch These Bad Habits

In the pursuit of long lashes, there are a few things we all should avoid. We already mentioned to be sure to remove all mascara every night, as leftover buildup is bad for the eyes and the eyelashes. More than that, though, there are a few “quick fix” lash products on the market that hurt more than help in the long run.

First, we want to touch on toxic glues for lash strips and extensions one of which is formaldehyde: a known carcinogen. This is especially dangerous when it comes to eyelash extensions, where we can’t see what’s in the glue the technician is using. In this case, our eyes are more likely to receive elevated exposure to toxic, eye-irritating chemicals.

We’re also worried about synthetic lash growth serums. Usually the first ingredient is water, meaning more preservatives in the watered-down formula. What’s more worrisome is that the formula ingredients read like a complicated science experiment – often loaded with irritants that can damage your skin and lashes over time.

Ultimately lash health starts with cutting the bad things out so our natural lashes can flourish. Which hack will you try first?

We carefully hand-select products based on strict purity standards, and only recommend products we feel meet this criteria. 100% PURE™ may earn a small commission for products purchased through affiliate links.

The information in this article is for educational use, and not intended to substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment and should not be used as such.

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