12 Natural Eye Makeup Combos

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12 Natural Eye Makeup Combos

Easy ideas for flawless, mask-friendly eye makeup looks

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It’s the holiday season and no matter where or how we’re celebrating, we still want to feel beautiful doing it. Natural eye makeup can take our usual look from lovely to lively, incorporating shimmers and liners that feel festive. S

Simple products like our award winning eyeshadows, a selection of flat and fluffy brushes, and a few extra minutes are all you need. Stay tuned to see 12 stunning natural eye makeup combos that are sure to deliver on those holiday vibes.

For Liner Lovers

Chocolate Obsession
Got a sweet tooth? Skip the pantry sweets and wear chocolatey tones on the eyes for a bit of beauty indulgence.

We start with our beloved vegan and cruelty free Better Naked Palette. Sweep Bear – a rich rosy-tinted milk chocolate brown – all over the lid. We’ll diffuse the edges into our crease with a fluffy brush, then sweep along our lash line with dark and decadent Dark Chocolate Long Last Liquid Eyeliner for an irresistible monochromatic look.

Dreamy Metallics
What is it about pewter on the eyes that totally transforms our look and mood? That sultry, sexy shade makes the perfect companion to shades of rose in this simple but stunning look.

We’ll start by reaching for one of the creamiest pencil eyeliners we’ve ever used: Gleaming Pewter. Smudge this into the upper and lower lash lines, bringing it along the upper and lower water lines as well. Using a pencil brush we’ll ensure the edges are totally smudged before reaching for our go-to Rose Gold Palette.

Accent the look with touches of Prism on the inner corners of the eyes, and delicately along the brow bone. Finally, complete the look with layers of Ultra Lengthening Mascara in black tea or blueberry to enhance that pewter shift.

Mauve Mystery
Wanna meet our BFF? Her name is Mauve and she makes this look perfect for day or night. First, we’ll sweep Sugared – a cool pinky-brown shimmer – all over the lid. Be sure to distribute the edges with a fluffy eyeshadow brush. If you love a really natural eye makeup look, this single step looks great as a one-shade eyeshadow application, but we aren’t stopping here.

We like to pair Sugared with Petal Tip, a semi-sheer matte mauve. We draw this into the outer two-thirds of our eye crease, connecting this mauve shade at our outer corner. Blackberry Liquid Eye Linermakes the warmth in Petal Tip sing, and completes this flirty look.

Classic Vamp
While it is “in with the new”, that doesn’t have to mean out with the old. This sexy cat eye liner look is a classic in our book, and never goes out of style.

We start by bringing an even layer of Flax Seed all over the lid. This soft, matte nude evens out the lid and creates a velvety finish. A bold, graphic wing in Black Tea Liquid Eye Liner makes a statement. A fluffy layer of black Maracuja Mascara creates mega volume for a classically feminine look.

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Shimmer & Shine

La Vie en Rose Gold
Rose gold is never a bad idea, and we embrace our favorite metallic in this simple, softly colorful halo eye look.

We start by blending Bronze, a warm reddish-brown, onto our inner and outer lids. Be sure to keep the edges soft by sweeping over them with translucent powder and a fluffy brush. We pop in Cinnaban onto the center of the lid and our tear duct for a gleam of rose gold. For daytime we like to complete this look with Dark Chocolate Maracuja Mascara, but swap this choice with Black Tea for darker and more dramatic lashes.

Gleam & Beam
To create an ethereal, shimmery eye we’re reaching for our Pretty Naked II Palette and going straight in with Beam. This nude champagne-gold is universally flattering and feels joyful and celebratory for the season, so we’ll sweep it all over the lid to start the look. Next we’ll highlight our tear duct with Illume, before smudging Splendor along the outer half of our lash line. Finish this look with a healthy coat of brown or black mascara.

Over the Taupe
If there’s one metallic that suits any eye color, any skin tone, and any occasion: taupe. Reaching for a classic palette, our Pretty Naked I, we’ll take Toffee over our entire lid and lower lash line. Lots of lashes and a soft smudge of Dark Cacao make this look simple but effective.

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Smokey, But Natural

Smudged Rosy Nude
Confession: nude makeup looks are our weakness, and this totally satisfies our cravings. This is actually a 2-for-1 routine: 2 looks with 1 set of products.

For the first look, we’re going for a daytime glam, natural eye makeup look. We’ll place Vanilla Sugar eyeshadow – a nude-peach with a sheen – over the inner half of our eye. This look wouldn’t be complete without incorporating possibly our favorite eyeshadow shade: Cinnaban. It’s a coppery red that looks perfect smoked into the outer third of the eye. To complete the look and create some contrast, we sketch in a light line with Dark Cacao along our upper lashes.

For our second rosy-nude look, we’ll flip the shadows in reverse to create more of an evening glam. Placing Cinnaban on the inner and outer thirds of each eye, we’ll then fill in the empty center with a highlight of Vanilla Sugar. To amp up this pretty party look, we draw a vibrant line of Dark Cacao along the upper and lower lash lines before smoking both the lines out with more Cinnaban. Finish the look with mascara, or falsies for a boost of sex appeal.

Iced Mocha, Please
Our love of neutrals – browns in particular – strikes again with a soft brown gradient smokey eye. Apply a sweep of Vanille from the brow bone to the crease, then layer Ginger into the crease. Press sparkly copper-brown Quartz all over the lid, then smudge Potatoe onto the lash line. Bring Quartz along the lower lash line as well to complete the look, adding a hint of mascara for flair.

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Cute & Colorful

Sugar Plum Berry
A hint of plum is sure to make for the sweetest mask makeup look. With a fluffy eye brush we buff on Petal Tip – a velvety plum-mauve – from our lashes into our eye crease. For more of that plum sweetness, we draw on a long, thin wing with Blackberry Long Last Liquid Eyeliner. For that final plum kiss, we’ll layer up our lashes with Blackberry Ultra Lengthening Mascara for a mystical pop of color on the eyes.

Bold Berry
The Pretty Naked II Palette features a rich, softly metallic shade that is the star of this natural eye makeup look.

We start by blending Afterglow all through the crease. This rustic shimmering rose is like blush for the eye ( we even wear it on our cheeks from time to time). Be sure to bring the eyeshadow out in a wing shape before pressing Vivid, that deep metallic maroon, all over the lid and layering over the wing. Blend Vivid into Afterglow, layer on black mascara, and seal the look with a glossy pink kiss.

Blue for You
There’s one color that’s last but not least on our list, and that’s blue. A deep, sophisticated blue compliments holiday metallic hues, but also feels bold and vibrant without being too difficult to wear.

We’ve paired blue with gold for an irresistible combination that is too pretty to skip on selfies. To start, we’ll draw Royal all along the upper and lower lash lines. Using a pencil brush we’ll smudge this out until we’re satisfied with the opacity, before placing a highlight of Gilded on our inner corners. Finish with a light coat of black mascara on the upper and lower lashes.

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